Our Mission

Imagine reading the Quran and understanding every word - right off the page - no translation required?! That hope is our inspiration at Elqalam Arabic Learning. We want every Muslim to truly connect with the Quran and Allah (swt) through his eternal message to all mankind. That's why we want YOU to learn Arabic. And we have the right tools. We are offering a full curriculum of 7 books supported by learning games, audio application and trainings to help you reach your goal of learning or teaching the Arabic. Checkout our store now or send us a message and let's chat!
Improve Pronunciation
Suitable for All Ages
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About the Series

The Complete Foundation book series for Arabic learning and Tajweed is a simple, easy, and effective way for learning Arabic, regardless of your age or learning level.
The series contains 7 books, with a complementary app and online interactive games to make learning and retaining easy and fun. Each book is illustrated with high-quality graphics, and incorporates tajweed rules from the outset so learning Quran is a breeze. Because we are driven by a passion to learn and teach the language of the Quran, we would love to invite you to a digital book tour for the series. Head on over to the store and check it out!

Learn Arabic & Tajweed the fast, easy way.


If you would like to review the curriculum before placing an order, you may order a sample or access our digital copy. Please contact us at elqalamlearning@gmail.com for more details.


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